Youth At Risk

KEEP THE BEAT utilizes hand drumming to engage participants.

youngWe explore commonalities between making music together as a group and developing healthy relationships.

A high proportion of the program is based upon experiential learning as participants engage in a co-operative process. The program also utilizes group discussions around analogies between music and relationships, as well as drawing on participants own real-life experiences.

The aim of the KEEP THE BEAT program is to increase participants social competencies and self-esteem in order to reduce their levels of alienation – a recognised ‘risk factor’ in those with problematic drug and alcohol use. The program is run over ten sessions and explores issues around building healthy relationships, through a co-operative group process involving group drumming. Topics explored include peer pressure, emotions and feelings, identity, social responsibility and teamwork.

Drumming with alienated youth helps provide a roadmap to these healthy relationships and choices. When teenagers are involved in interactive drumming programs, they can experience the natural disarmament of their inhibitions and skepticism of others. This opens up the teenager to receive positive feedback from the facilitator, peers within the group, and also a personal feeling of value. Drumming programs focus on the positive aspects of drumming with kids – the fun of rhythm, the movement of music and the celebration of the individual that is so engaging in the moment, yet, does not force the spotlight at the same time.

What KEEP THE BEAT drumming programs can do for at-risk youth is to level the playing field, create a foundation for success and promote an environment of positive communication and behavior – even without the teens understanding the dynamic. This modeling of positive social behavior is further reinforced through the rhythm and music, which has its own benefits for those with communication problems, anxiety, stress and other disorders. And, as a group activity, drumming with kids and teens provides a way to establish bonds with each other and the adults involved in the activity, which gives these young adults a better opportunity to change behaviors and start making healthier choices in life. Contact us now for a timely quote.

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