Wellness Sessions

KEEP THE BEAT provides unique rhythm based wellness sessions.

26746While the foundations of wellness are unique to each of us, when it comes to our basic needs, we share much in common. Physical, emotional and spiritual components of wellbeing are sacred and inseparable.

It is broadly understood that ‘being well’ results from engagement in activities that lead to and maintain health. Group drumming harnesses so many elements of wellness in one activity that anyone can enjoy. Group drumming is an enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling activity from the start for young and old alike. From exercise, nurturing and social support, to intellectual stimulation, spirituality and stress reduction, group drumming stimulates creative expression that unites our minds, bodies and spirits!

Group drumming can also serve as an effective means for restoring a sense of inner balance. Group drumming is an incredible unifying tool that simply brings out the best in us.

KEEP THE BEAT  encourages you to join us and learn more about this incredible wellness strategy. Experience the wellness element connected to African drumming for Drumbeat, Youth At Risk, Special Needs or Aged Care. We’re all about, learning, discovering, enjoying and sharing creative musical expressions that can help everyone improve the quality of their lives. Contact us now for a timely quote.

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