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KEEP THE BEAT school workshops in Launceston, Hobart, Devenport and throughout Tasmania Australia are fun, dynamic and creative. Each student receives an authentic hand crafted drum or world hand held percussion instrument and is lead through an exciting rhythmical adventure using universal rhythms, call and response, songs and chants.schools

KEEP THE BEAT rhythm based School Workshops are suited for: Preschoolers, Primary Students, School Holiday Programs and High School/College.

Do you struggle to find engaging and creative ways to inspire your school students? Why not try a drumming school workshop? Children of all ages love to drum. And not only is it lots of fun but drumming in a group also increases mutual respect, teaches cooperation and creates a positive atmosphere.

What can you expect at our drumming school workshops?

  • Everybody gets a drum!
  • Drumming activities designed to suit different ages and abilities
  • FAST PACED PROGRAMS designed to keep everyone on their toes
  • A mix of drumming concepts
  • Powerful demonstrations
  • Humour and PURE FUN!
  • Students will play different sounds
  • We play basic rhythms, counting and drum rolls
  • Professional hand percussion instruments
  • Call and response
  • Different AFRICAN beats and Drum solos!

Playing drums and percussion in a group gives school students an opportunity to grow musically and personally.

Three main benefits of our drumming school workshops:

    1. Research has proven that drumming in a group helps children build self-control, self-esteem, respect, empathy and tolerance for others. Plus, it’s heaps of fun!
    1. Drumming helps develop listening skills, coordination, cooperation and patience. It gives students a sense of competence that raises self-esteem and confidence.
  1. We focus on making our workshops as educational as possible, allowing your students to grow musically and channel their energy in a creative way.

KEEP THE BEAT offers custom designed drumming workshops to suit your next incursion, leadership day, mentor program, or event including the following:

    • One-off Workshop (45 minutes total program time*)
    • Drumming Diversity, one-off workshop (60-90 minutes total program time*)
    • Well-being Program, one-off or series of workshops (60-75 minutes total program time*)
  • Positive Leadership Program, one-off, or series of workshops (60-90 minutes total program time*)

*Can be customised to suit your school program and values.

We guarantee to bring joy and vitality to your school, leaving students with a sense of achievement, success and connection. Contact us now for a timely quote.

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