Primary School Workshops

KEEP THE BEAT primary school workshops in Launceston, Hobart, Devenport and throughout Tasmania Australia introduce students to the inclusive, engaging and holistic approach of traditional Djembe West African style drumming,

CIMG1446_221236494Our hands on primary school workshops directly relate to many aspects of the curriculum such as music, drama, dance and cultural studies.

Based on over 20 years of drumming experience with some of the world’s best drummers, our sessions in schools are a fabulous musical experience which use African, South American, Native American, Middle Eastern and contemporary drums and percussion instruments to make a BIG impact, teaching the students as well as demonstrating the importance of teamwork. It’s FUN and HIGHLY INTERACTIVE.

Everyone gets a drum to play!

Our Primary School activity programs are designed specifically for grade levels K-6, offering a high level of energy, excitement and challenges that can be tailored to your school values.

What can KEEP THE BEAT provide for your school?

    • In-school drumming workshops for one or every class
    • After school drumming programs that can lead up to school/community performances
    • Every student has an instrument to play
    • Traditional drumming techniques
    • Team building activities at leadership camps or for any other school event
    • Lessons in music theory and drumming etiquette
  • A special course of lessons leading to an exciting (unique) choreographed performance

What do the sessions involve?

The students will:

  • Play easy to learn rhythms
  • Get an introduction to soloing
  • Learn hand drumming techniques
  • Learn ‘call and response’ techniques
  • Use traditional and contemporary hand drums
  • Each have a drum to use for the whole session
  • Use a wide range of professional hand percussion instruments
  • Do all the drumming, it’s not about watching someone else perform

What are the benefits to the children?

The in school drumming workshops encourage development of the following:

    • The in school drumming workshops encourage development of the following;
    • Self Confidence
    • Hand/eye coordination
    • Teamwork and self-esteem
    • Listening skills and social skills
  • Empowerment and stress release
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