Community Workshops

KEEP THE BEAT uses traditional Djembe West African style drumming to facilitate a wide range of interactive Community Workshops in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport, Burnie and throughout Tasmania Australia.

KEEP THE BEAT will get everyone drumming and dancing. People of all ages, children and parents together, local community groups, and all community residents can participate.


Come and experience why this primitive art form is a must-do sensation.

Reduce stress, increase well-being and have fun. All equipment supplied. All ages

KEEP THE BEAT Community Workshops are suitable for beginners up to intermediate, students will learn basic technique on the Djembe including bass, tones, slaps, basic patterns, basic group solos and drumming arrangements. Free drum hire is available if they need a drum to play and there is also the opportunity to perform at community events for those wishing to participate.

KEEP THE BEAT Community Workshops will give everyone a wonderful chance to have fun with Music, encouraging everyone to learn at a pace with which they feel comfortable. Beginners Drum Classes suitable for those with no or limited experience in hand drumming.

What to Expect:

Having fun
Learning basic technique on the Djembe (bass, tone and slap)
Appreciating West African music
Developing groove, control & listening skills
Working together to become an ensemble
Introducing soloing as a group
Working on timing
Exploring basic musical concepts

Why African Drumming?

African drumming is both a feel-good activity and a learning tool. Participants finish the session feeling uplifted with a sense of inclusion and the satisfaction of being creative in a positive way.

Group drumming is a popular therapeutic activity within a wide range of organisations: from schools to healthcare providers in both the private and public sectors. It exercises the brain through stimulating cognitive functions like perception, attention and memory and reduces the experience of anxiety, depression and loneliness. Drumming is good for the body too, and not just for psychomotor coordination. Neuro-immunological research shows that drumming in a group significantly boosts cell-mediated immune function, benefiting oncology patients and cancer patients. The most immediate outcome that we encounter is the positive experience of participants who have shared an inclusive social activity and a sense of empowerment.


A single session workshop is a great activity when you’re looking to bring something original and accessible. Drumming is a great engagement tool and encourages people to come together as a group and share in creating a spontaneous ensemble.

Everyone will have a drum to play and we can bring along shakers and bells to mix it up. We aim to make the workshop as inclusive as possible, giving everyone the chance to have fun and express themselves.


Maximise the benefits of group drumming by creating an ongoing group. We recommend a 6 – 10 week program, culminating in a small student performance at the end. This formula gives enough time to focus on a basic arrangement and also gain a big sense of achievement and pride as well as closure. We provide all of the instruments and our experienced facilitators will help ensure the experience is rewarding for everyone. Contact us now for a timely quote.

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KEEP THE BEAT creates a fun & dynamic community learning environment!


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We serve all of Tasmania from our pivotal location in the Central Highlands.


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