High School and College Workshops

KEEP THE BEAT high school and college school workshops in Launceston, Hobart, Devenport and throughout Tasmania Australia introduce students to the evidence based therapeutic benefits of group drumming with the inclusive and holistic approach of traditional Djembe West African style drumming.

IMG_52981Our hands on workshops directly relate to many aspects of the curriculum such as music, drama, dance and cultural studies.

Everyone gets a percussion instrument to play!

KEEP THE BEAT will bring an instrument for each participant to your school. Our professional facilitators will guide the group on a rhythmic journey which teaches about traditional African culture and music. We use simple, multi part African rhythms to create a powerful, connected group experience. Offering a range of activities such as African drumming, singing traditional songs, body percussion, groove tube sessions, storytelling, dance and movement, free expression, warm ups and performance. Can be for a single class, the whole year, or we can run multiple sessions to incorporate the whole school. Our sessions are well structured, entertaining, fun, and educational and are perfect for all levels and ages.

• Educational
• 100% Inclusive
• Everyone can do it!
• A universal language

Having fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and promoting creativity for students. KEEP THE BEAT high school program full of energy and audience interactive! We get everyone up and moving, shaking, call and response chanting, clapping percussion, dancing and drumming to the beat of Africa! It’s an exciting opportunity to ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show, to learn without learning, and experience life with abandon. KEEP THE BEAT captures the imagination of its audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team work and connection through interactive African drumming and dance.

We offer African inspired drumming and dance:
• One-off Workshops
• Half Day Programs
• Full Day Programs
• Remote, Regional and Country Tours
• School Residencies
• School Term Courses culminating in a peer performance
• Team Building – Anti Bullying Courses
• Interactive Shows
• Discounted Drums and Percussion Packages for schools
• Teacher Training

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