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KEEP THE BEAT corporate workshops in Launceston, Hobart, Devenport and throughout Tasmania Australia will grab your attendees attention, help them absorb ideas and better connect with one another.

corporate_drum_circleLet KEEP THE BEAT tailor a ‘Conference Package’ to suit you! Conference energisers are extremely important if you want your message delivered effectively. Keep people energised and focused by planning regular ‘mind breaks’ to stimulate productivity and contribution. There are three times of the day when conference energisers are most popular and most effective. KEEP THE BEAT’s conference energisers are guaranteed to revive the senses, leaving delegates feeling uplifted, re-energised, motivated, inspired and ready for success – the effect is immediate and infectious!

KEEP THE BEAT will start your Conference with a BANG!

With many company’s having offices all over the country and with working from home becoming increasingly popular, many of the delegates attending a conference will not have met each other before. So if people don’t know each other, how on earth will you get them to effectively communicate with each other? Conference Energisers help to remove social barriers in a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere. Participants relax, gain enthusiasm and the necessary confidence to fully participate in conference or later learning experiences.

KEEP THE BEAT will give your conference or motivational speakers the ultimate platform on which to deliver the company message. An energiser doesn’t have to be time consuming. In fact a good energiser can last as little as fifteen minutes and have a great impact. The KEEP THE BEAT experience fosters greater levels of participation in both small group, and whole group activities, and engenders an enhanced sense of well-being and genuine connectedness amongst delegates.

After lunch wake-up call!
The hour directly after lunch is the prime time for an energiser. It’s the time of the nodding heads, as your delegates struggle to keep awake as a direct result of a good lunch and a comfy seat. Get your delegates moving around, interacting and get the blood pumping around their bodies to wake them up!

Send your delegate’s home with a positive and memorable message!
Often the most effective time for a conference energiser happens just before the conclusion of the conference. Energise them and they’ll go away on a high! They will be full of self, team and company belief and they will have a positive recollection of your conference when they leave. This could possibly be the most important time of the day for an energiser. Contact us now for a timely quote.

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